maanantai 9. marraskuuta 2015

Some thoughts and info

So, the car which I drive now, is the Citroen Xsara from 2000, is pretty much solid boring car, which moves me from place A to place B. Nothing special, pretty cheap to drive and not so bad looking either. Before that, my first car was Renault Clio from 1995. What a waste, only 180 000 kilometers and it's tale was already over. It was very small car, not very good to drive, unsafe (Euro Ncap 2/5 stars back then and that model had airbags) and was overall alot worse than Xsara. It wasn't completely awful either, it was very fun to drive on curvy roads and on snow, besides those, wouldn't buy again.
Citroen is quite nice car, nice to drive, eventhough it has 340 000 kilometers and it is dated back to 2000, but it’s stable to drive and interiors are good looking and in good shape. I’m driving it for now, because as a student I cannot afford to have any better cars, but soon when I finish my high school and hopefully get full time job, I’ll probably buy myself either E30 BMW or w124 Mercedes Bentz, depends on which one seems more interesting when the time comes. For now, there ain’t nothing else to talk about, have few good looking cars which I’d prefer to have: